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Veteran Owned Escape Room

Join forces with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers! We provide a unique and fun experience for date night, birthdays, girls night, special occasions, and business outings. Our escape room is an Arlington, TX family and veteran owned and operated business. Unlike other escape rooms, we don’t use scare tactics or lock anyone in a room. Rather, we offer the excitement of escape room games through real-world themes that inspire creativity, perseverance, and teamwork!



Mission: Bluelist

Skill Level

2-15 : Team vs Team

MISSION: BLUELIST. After a failed attempt to capture the CIA’s Most Wanted, Aldrich Ames, there are reasons to believe that his list of contacts is hidden in the room. Your mission is to find that list before being discovered.


Captured Comrades

Skill Level

2-6 Participants

CAPTURED COMRADES. The Intelligence Agency Director has ordered you on a mission to search and recover a red flash drive hidden by missing POW Sergeant James Davis who was held hostage in this compound.


Operation: Recon

Skill Level

2-8 Participants

OPERATION: RECON. During training for an upcoming reconnaissance, local militants breached camp, murdering a devoted soldier. Your mission is to recover the murder weapon in the room of a suspected traitor.

B.O.M. Veterans

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Escape Rooms are rated #1 for Adult Fun and Games


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