B.O.M. Team Building

What is a Blue Ops Mission?

Blue Ops Mission is a game played by a team of individuals where they get up to 60 minutes to solve puzzles, search for clues, work as a team, and complete a mission before the time runs out. To complete the mission, the participants must solve challenges within the game. At the outset of the game, the challenges may be made inaccessible and must be found by completing puzzles.

Blue Ops Mission encourages players to think creatively and engage in critical thinking. Solving a puzzle and ultimately winning will require individuals to work on the puzzles using multiple approaches to knowledge. For example, one may need to work on a math problem, but then proceed to visually process a circuit and finally end up classifying a series of objects.

Blue Ops Mission differs by the challenges it gives to participants, but each mission encourages players to think differently, unconventionally, and from a new perspective.

Why BOM works for Team Building?

Blue Ops Mission offers the ultimate team-building experience. Our missions are perfect for teams and enhancing synergy amongst participants. By placing participants in a high-pressure environment where they must rely on each other to succeed, the result is a cohesive team that works together efficiently. When you complete one of our missions, you’ll find that communication and teamwork happen naturally within the group. Different team members will step up to lead at different times, and everyone will work together to find solutions. There’s no better way to get teams collaborating and interacting!

Our highly popular team-building sessions create laughter, fun, and a highly unique experience that will give teams and friends the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic, and creative genius in a high-pressure scenario.

Practically, groups cannot succeed in these rooms unless they can self-organize, discern critical tasks and execute them in a time-sensitive manner, engage in individual essential problem-solving strategies, and learn to communicate effectively as a group. For teams to complete the mission, teams must find a balance between communicating, leading, following, listening, being creative, thinking outside the box, and working together.

Blue Ops Missions are both challenging and fun, making them excellent learning experiences for those involved. Placing teams in a new immersive environment takes them out of their comfort zone and can allow individuals to show talents that go unnoticed in typical situations. For this hour it’s only about results; titles are unimportant. From salesman to CEO, Blue Ops Mission can recognize the strengths and weaknesses of both the individual and team levels.

How do Events work w/ BOM?

We want to make your next team-building event something that your team looks forward to and something that you get value from! A team-building event with us can go in many different directions depending on what your priorities are. Are you looking to promote better communication and teamwork? We can open your session with communication and icebreaker activities. Hosts can provide groups with feedback immediately after their particular mission. We can present our observations about the team verbally to the whole group after the session, privately to a supervisor, or in writing to a manager.

A Blue Ops Mission escape game works brilliantly as a pre-cursor to more structured team development by testing out ‘teamwork’ outside of the office environment and inviting feedback and reflection. You could also consider this activity as a follow-up to recent team development/training as a way of putting newly learned strategy, communication, and effective team-working skills into practice, with a challenge from which the team gets an immediate result.

If you want something a little less academic, and just a bit of a fun, bonding experience, Blue Ops Mission is perfect. Nothing bonds a team together faster than by shutting them in a room with a clear challenge and a rapidly ticking clock!