Sleeper Agents – At-Home Mission

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Enjoy an at-home/at-office printable mission that allows for head-to-head challenges for families and teams. Participants can play head-to-head or separated into teams of 2-4 players. The goal for each team is to beat the other teams before the time runs out. The only thing needed is a printer, scissors, and writing tools.

The object of your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to crack a secret code used to discover a string of deep-cover SVG spies living in the United States.

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For unsuspecting families in Arlington, Texas, it seemed too crazy to be believed: their quiet, unassuming neighbors had turned out to be Russian spies.

The couple, known as Richard and Cynthia Murphy, had appeared to be part of a typical American family, living in a beige, two-story colonial-style home with their two young daughters. Cynthia’s business card said she worked as a financial planner at an accounting company in nearby Fort Worth. Richard told neighbors he was a stay-at-home dad raising Lisa, age nine, and her 11-year-old sister, Kate.

The shocking truth emerged when the Blue Ops Mission agency raided the home of the suspected spies: Richard and Cynthia’s real names were Vladimir and Lydia Guryev.

In a recent raid, BOM arrested the Guryevs along with eight other alleged Russian spies. The announcement triggered headlines reminiscent of the Cold War. BOM, the FBI, and CIA first learned about the collection of deep-cover SVR spies in the United States in the early 2000s. Eventually, Blue Ops Mission agents cracked a secret code the spies used to communicate with Moscow, allowing BOM to learn more about the Guryevs’ comings and goings.

At-Home Mission