BOM Mobile Prices



50%    /    50%

Uncover the identity of a missing
informant in a high-profile case.

45 Minutes
up to 30 Participants

–Team Size 3-6–
-5 Max Teams-


50%    /    50%

We’ve captured Aldrich Ames. Can your
team decrypt the case files?

45 Minutes
up to 100 Participants

–Team Size 3-6–
-20 Max Teams-


0%    /    100%

Crack the code to uncover a network
of deep-cover SVR spies in the U.S.

30-45 Minutes
Unlimited Participants

–Team Size 3-6–
-50 Teams Included-


X%    /    X%

A custom mission just for your team,
based on your event theme.

X Minutes
up to X Participants

–Team Size X–
-X Max Teams-

Event Prices

$2,000 Min – +$500 /Round – +$2,000 /Custom Game

After Hours

+$500 for events outside of 8-5pm cst

Weekend Events

+$800 for events on saturday and sunday

How does a mobile mission work?

Ops in a Box is a portable mission that allows for head-to-head challenges for teams and groups. Participants are separated into teams of 3-6 and compete playing the same game head-to-head. The goal for each team is to beat the other teams before the time runs out.

A Host will arrive and set up the experience at your designated location (Business, Church, Venue, School, Conference Room, etc.), and your group will work in teams to uncover hidden messages, open locks, and encounter creative surprises in their quest to finish their mission first.

Debriefing for Team Building

We do offer a questionnaire for teams to help with debriefing. It includes a set of game-based questions that we or your group leader could ask regarding the experience, which will help teams identify strengths and weaknesses in the group or themselves.

How far do you travel?

Mobile events are priced within 50 miles of the heart of Arlington, TX. Events outside of this radius are priced at an additional $15 per mile for travel.

What is the age requirement?

The missions are ideal for adult events. For mixed groups, please contact us with details.

How much space is needed for the mission?

Ops in a Box missions require enough space for each team to complete their mission. This generally means 1 table or section of a table where the team can comfortably communicate and spread items.

How many people can participate?

The ideal team size is 5 participants. We currently have the capacity to host 5 teams/30 participants with the Confidential Information mission, 20 teams/100 participants with the Mission: Decoded mission, and unlimited participants with the Sleeper Agents mission. Custom missions may vary.