BOM Mobile Prices

The Recruit

15-Minute Rounds
2-5 Participants /Round

– Focuses on Communication –
Rational • Fast-Paced • Standing

starting at$697 /1.5 hrs

The Captain

45 Minutes
up to 60 Participants

– Focuses on Creative Thinking –
Logical • Technology

starting at$1,297

The Major

60 Minutes
up to 100 Participants

– Focuses on Attention to Detail –
Analytical • No Technology

starting at$1,997

The General

60 Minutes
up to 30 Participants

– Focuses on Critical Thinking –
Organization • Large Space

starting at$2,497

45 Minutes –  Intermediate

Mission designed for large events and conferences. Participants will be given a mysterious file, and they must work together to solve the case before the other teams.

starting at$497 /up to 50 participants


Similar to our above mission, but self-hosted by your group leader. One member of each team is required to have a mobile device for scanning clues, cracking codes, listening to audio, and completing the mission. All other materials will be provided by B.O.M.

starting at$297 /up to 50 participants

Custom Mission

Get a custom mission designed just for your event. We can design based on your unique color scheme, company logo, and overall event theme. 

starting at$3,497

Multiple Rounds

+$500 /Per Additional Game Round

After Hours

+$500 for events outside of 8-5pm cst

Weekend Events

+$800 for events on saturday and sunday

How does a mobile mission work?

Blue Ops Mission is a portable escape room game that allows for head-to-head challenges for teams and groups. The concept is simple; You provide the date and time; We will arrive with the mission and excitement!

A Host will arrive and set up the experience at your school or location of your choosing. Your group will work in teams to uncover hidden messages, open locks, and encounter other creative surprises in their quest to finish their mission first.

Participants are separated into teams of 2-6 and compete playing the same game head-to-head. The goal for each team is to beat the other teams before the time runs out.

Teams must work together to solve problems, uncover clues, and crack codes to progress and ultimately complete their mission. All missions are challenging and mentally stimulating but do not require physical exertion.


Absolutely! We are rated #1 Fun and Games on Trip Advisor and have nearly 1,000 5-star reviews on Google. Unlike other escape games that use scare tactics and focus on exhaustive tasks, our games prioritize fun for adult team-building and bonding in a business setting. Everyone (including those that typically want nothing to do with team building) will have fun and enjoy the experience.

All of our highly popular team-building sessions create laughter, fun, and a highly unique experience that gives teams and friends the opportunity to practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic, and creative genius in a high-pressure scenario.

What is the age requirement?

The missions are ideal for adult events. For mixed groups, please contact us with details.

How much space is needed for the mission?

Our mobile escape game requires enough space for each team to complete their mission. This generally means 1 table or section of a table where the team can comfortably communicate and spread items.

How many people can participate?

The ideal team size is 2-6 participants. Depending on the mission, we currently have the capacity to host unlimited teams. Custom missions may vary.

Do You Offer Debriefing After the Event?

Collective team behaviors have a direct impact on everything from sales and customer service to operations and reputation. BOM specifically helps increase team alignment and performance by allowing the team members to work better together, and managers to understand and leverage their strengths more effectively.

In addition to hosting your event, we offer a questionnaire for teams to help with debriefing. It includes a set of game-based questions that we or your group leader could ask regarding the experience, which will help teams identify strengths and weaknesses in the group or themselves.

Additionally, we can provide your group with feedback immediately after their mission. We can further present our observations about the team and speak to your group about their performance, and the benefits and impact of the team-building experience.

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