Mobile Team Missions



Get an on-location Blue Ops Mission hosted at your next event. Ops in a Box is a mobile tabletop mission built for groups and team building fun!

Ops In a Box



Get a portable Blue Ops Mission hosted at your next event. Ops in a Box is a mobile tabletop mission built for groups and team building fun!

Do something different and exciting! 30 or 60 minute mission from the #1 most and highest rated escape room in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.

Corp. & Non-Profits

You will not find a better experience for hosting professional events and celebrations. Perfect for ice-breakers, team evaluations, or just some relief from an exhausting day in the office.

Faculty & Schools

Looking for Professional Development events for your faculty? BOM is an approved vendor in most surrounding ISDs and gladly excepts Purchase Orders.

Networking Events

Tired of bowling, arcades,  golfing, and just standing around chatting? Give your group something exciting to talk about with a fun and engaging escape game experience!

Special Occasions

Need a fun event for your wedding, birthday, family reunion, training, or holiday event? BOM is perfect for entertaining guests during these special moments.


Ops in a Box is a portable mission that allows for head-to-head challenges for teams and groups. Participants are separated into teams of 3-6 and compete playing the same game head-to-head. The goal for each team is to beat the other teams before the time runs out.

A Host will arrive and set up the experience at your designated location (Business, Church, Venue, School, Conference Room, etc.), and your group will work in teams to uncover hidden messages, open locks, and encounter creative surprises in their quest to finish their mission first.


What is the cost for the event?

There is a minimum of $500 for mobile events. The general cost can be found Here / Price List. This cost includes games that are within 35 miles of Blue Ops Mission’s location. The cost can increase if extra/waiting hours are required when games are not being played.

How many people can participate?

The ideal team size is 5 participants. We currently have the capacity to host 5 teams/30 participants with a 1 hour mission, 20 teams/100 participants with a 45-minute mission, and unlimited participants with a 30-minute mission.

How much space is needed for the mission?

Ops in a Box missions require enough space for each team to complete their mission. This generally means 1 table or section of a table where the team can comfortably communicate and spread items.

What is the age requirement?

The age requirement for Ops in a Box are participants at or above the age of 12. The missions are ideal for adult events.

How far do you travel?

Mobile events are priced up to 35 miles around BOM’s Arlington, TX location. Events outside of this radius are priced at an additional $15 per mile, or the total price for the event must be equal to or greater than $15 per mile.

Portable Escape Game Packages

Confidential Informant

45 Minutes
up to 30 Participants

50%    /    50%


(Team Size 3-6)
Mission: DƎcodƎd

45 Minutes
up to 100 Participants

25%    /    75%


(Team Size 3-6)
Sleeper Agents

30-45 Minutes
Unlimited Participants

0%    /    100%


(Team Size 3-6)

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